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Mushroom Cultivation

Growing mushrooms, transforming families

Earning less than $1 a day, Cambodians—especially women—face challenges in providing for their families. Farming mushrooms and selling at a fair price is reducing violence, low school attendance, substance abuse, and more.

Mushroom farming has had a large impact on the lives of rural Cambodians, adding over $2,000 to farmer incomes annually and enabling them to stop traveling to urban areas for work, save for larger purchases, and pay off existing loans. As husbands and wives no longer need to separate to earn a living, families work side-by-side to contribute to the success of their mushrooms farms.

Some mushroom growers have built water wells to increase their production and to expand into other cash crops like mung beans, which enhance soil in addition to serving as a food source, as well as higher value cultivars such as black and yellow ginger, rosella, cacao, and avocado. Others have gone on to build even more mushroom houses and buy agricultural waste from neighboring farms to supply their mushroom operations.

Give via cheque:
World Hope International (Canada)
ATTN: Gift Processing
210 Prescott Street, PO Box 982
Kemptville, ON   K0G 1J0

Give via phone: 877-482-1499

Give via cheque:
World Hope International - Canada
ATTN: Gift Processing
210 Prescott Street, PO Box 982
Kemptville, ON   K0G 1J0

Give via phone: 877-482-1499


Spending of World Hope International (Canada) funds is confined to Board approved projects. Funds designated towards a project are used as designated, with the understanding that when the need for that project has been met or cannot be completed for reasons determined by the Board, the remaining funds designated will be used where needed most.

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