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In the fight against COVID-19, access to soap and proper sanitation is everything. Unfortunately, many vulnerable communities around the world lack these necessities. With your support, we can continue to fulfill the sanitizing needs of the communities we work with in order to keep them safe.

people around the world lack safe drinking water

people still do not have basic sanitation facilities such as toilets or latrines

people around the world lack basic hand-washing facilities at home

*  All facts come from WHO and UNICEF

Together, we have the power to make a difference by giving opportunity, dignity, and hope.

Today, you can make a special GivingTuesday gift to help us continue bringing good news to vulnerable communities around the world. Your gift will inspire hope and create opportunities for thousands of people during this unique time.

With Your Support…

Rethinking Sanitation

A current International and Community Development Masters Degree student at Deakin University in Melbourne, Sonia Louise Cozens is interning with World Hope International Australia in Cambodia for several months.

Girl holding soap and handwashing instructions

Our Cambodia team went house to house to have COVID awareness conversations. Cambodia’s poorest will not have access to good health care when COVID19 comes. #COVIDConversations will save lives!

Girl holding soap and handwashing instructions

#COVID19 presents particular risks for people living with disabilities, our Enable the Children team is actively working with families to prevent and mitigate the virus.

Girl holding soap and handwashing instructions

WHI distributed handwashing stations & liquid soap to our #childsponsorship partner schools. Children were taught how to wash their hands thoroughly & advised on basic hygiene practices.

Girl holding soap and handwashing instructions

DYK that TapEffect water is filtered and chlorinated? Drinkable from the tap. Water is considered an essential service in Cambodia & the TapEffect team has pressed on laying over 5km of pipe the last two weeks…

Girl holding soap and handwashing instructions

Thera Metrey staff & local authorities completed their #COVID19 awareness-raising & proper handwashing reaching 850 households, including mushroom producers.

Girl holding soap and handwashing instructions

TapEffect operator is now helping with #COVIDconversations. TapEffect customers will be ready as they have easy access to clean water for proper sanitation.


“For 75 years no support has ever come to this village. God has used you to bring us sanity by providing water and training on sanitation and hygiene sufficiency to this community. In time past, Baoma was the host to any water related disease outbreak prevalence like typhoid, cholera, diarrhea, and vomiting, etc. Women and children are most vulnerable to any outbreak of the above-mentioned diseases. Every year we have to lose active women and potential growing children.”

Mr. Masaquoi

a retired school teacher, Sierra Leone


Spending of World Hope International (Canada) funds is confined to Board approved projects. Funds designated towards a project are used as designated, with the understanding that when the need for that project has been met or cannot be completed for reasons determined by the Board, the remaining funds designated will be used where needed most.

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