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by | Apr 30, 2020 | Desk of Tanya, Protection, Ukraine

Sergiy Rubikov is a teacher and is gifted in taking difficult and challenging lessons and breaking them down to easily understood nuggets of truth. He himself grew up as an orphan and now has a passion to help other orphaned children find their place in society and among their communities as leaders.

Sergiy has given his life to others. Recently, he has seen fruit from his labour.  Sergiy has been mentoring a couple to work with traumatized children just as he has been doing with his wife for many years.  Misha and Tanya had been praying for 3 years about the urge they felt to work with orphans. A year ago, all the pieces came together when Sergiy and Larissa began to mentor Misha and Tanya to be successful at working with orphans and providing a safe place for them to heal and grow. Misha explains that his friendship with Sergiy is “not just a calling but it is work in partnership with close friends.” These two couples have been through tough stuff together.  When they first opened their house to orphans, it was anything but easy. Working with traumatized children takes time, patience, and love. But together they have been learning how to set up a successful program for orphans who would like to join a family and begin to work on joining society and becoming whole.  

Orphans are vulnerable and have been exposed to abuse, neglect, and lack of love and care. This work isn’t glamourous. There are exhausting days, intense heartbreak, and difficulty. So, what makes it worth it?  When you begin to see a young person, whose life goes from hopeless to hopeful all the heartache and tears are forgotten. When an orphan begins to trust and heal, there is no greater joy.  

A dream for both couples is to help families who are interested in fostering orphans by providing them with training, resources, and encouragement to open their home to children who need a safe and loving home. They are currently running training seminars for local families who are interested in this type of ministry and the response has been positive! The reality is that their homes can’t hold all the orphans who are homeless after graduating from the state-run orphanage system.  

What if hundreds of families were waiting to provide a safe shelter for children who are in need? This dream is bigger than they are. This will take a collective effort with community support, church support, and generous donors, we can do this!  

Hope House provides a safe place for orphaned girls who have aged out of the government orphanage system. Those who age out are put on the streets or back with a dysfunctional family and are vulnerable to trafficking, drug abuse, and prostitution. Since 2002, 150 young women have graduated from the program and have received education and life skills for living in society and to help break the cycle of orphans in Ukraine.  

Support Hope House with a gift to The Hope Fund. 

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