What Are We Up To?

Our projects are innovative, environmentally conscious, and transformative, and we deliver our programming through strategic local and global partnerships to create a maximal, sustainable impact.

In Profile! Beth Drevlow

“I love the work that WHI does going in and building capacity at the local level, and I also really love that they are diverse in partnering with both the private and public sector—anyone who wants to get involved.”

The Lens We See Through

For most of my life, I have been described as someone who sees the world through rose-colored glasses – audaciously optimistic. So, although ministry to children with disabilities in Sierra Leone was new to me, it was not long before I felt passionate about this marginalized and stigmatized populace.

We’re Making a Cross-Sector Impact

Transformation is never a single-issue project; it’s as multi-dimensional as people are themselves—and so the work we do is, too.

“Everyone, including those living in hard-to-reach communities, deserves relief and vital necessities like clean water immediately following an emergency. In partnering with World Hope International, we have been able to help those in need who may not otherwise receive aid in time.”

Steven J. Smith

President & CEO, Airlink


Spending of World Hope International (Canada) funds is confined to Board approved projects. Funds designated towards a project are used as designated, with the understanding that when the need for that project has been met or cannot be completed for reasons determined by the Board, the remaining funds designated will be used where needed most.

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